• Andrew Playmer

Season 10, Part 4: The Real Blessing

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

PREVIOUSLY: S10 Part 3: Attack and Destroy God

The Deal is complete.
Dominic Marijuana has been Released.
Scrap Murphy has been Released.

For the New York Millennials, the real blessings are seeing your friends again.

Dominic Marijuana has not announced plans for what he intends to do in free agency. When asked about his return to the Immaterial Plane, he responded, "Haha, mostly I'm just glad to know I'm not deceased."

As the PODS were disbanded, Alejandro Leaf fell to the immaterial plane and landed two blocks from the Millennial's apartment. She joined the pitching rotation in the sixth position, giving the Millennials six pitchers for the first time in their history.

Despite leading the bidding with 13% of the vote, the Millennials failed to win the People's Champions blessing. They did win Bird Seed with 20% of the vote, ensuring that should a Millennial ever get shelled, at least they should be freed soon thereafter.

The Millennials also closed the Discipline Era with one final wimdy of their own: Thomas Dracaena stealing Richardson Games' private jet in what was dubbed a "Millennial Family Heist".

With the Discipline Era behind us, we can only look ahead with wonder what's in store for the beloved Millennials. Capitalism seems to be fashionable under The Boss and CEO Parker MacMillan III, but Schneider Bendie will certainly have tons to say. The galaxy swirls. The Great Siesta looms.

Let's go, Mills. Baby, love da Mills.


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