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Season 10, Part 2: Mills, Wimdy?

PREVIOUSLY: S10 Part 1, The Hangover

Millennials fans often refer to the power of “wimdy”. The term, coined by Schneider Bendie after the Miami Dale “stole” a blessing with 0% of the vote, acknowledges that it is often better to be lucky than it is to be good.

(Editor's note: "wimdy" does not stand for anything.)

With the wimd at their backs, the luck of the Millennials was about to turn dramatically.

Immediately following Day 99, Thomas Dracaena was granted permission to Siphon through the end of the season. Given some concerns that he might be a vampire (which he continues to insist he is not) and his distaste for the spotlight, Dracaena would decline to “get his gurgies”, despite constant encouragement from the Battin’ Island faithful.

Also immediately following Day 99, the Millennials were chosen as the Wild Card representative for the Mild League. With a chip on their shoulders and nothing to lose, the Mills came out swinging, taking down the Pies with two statement wins.

An immediate and lasting cross-team friendship was forged with the Sunbeams, who as the Wild League representative, swept the Tacos in parallel. Chants of LGMASBLDMASDMASADWCBLDWC (“Let’s Go Mills And Sunbeams Baby Love Da Mills And Sunbeams Da Mills And Sunbeams Are Da Wild Cards Baby Love Da Wild Cards”) rang out from New York to the Hellmouth.

In the Round of 8, the Millennials faced the Mild top seed, the Moist Talkers. Despite the extreme talent of the Moisties, the Mills pitchers put on an exhibition, holding the opposition to two runs across three games to sweep the favorites.

The “Wimdy Playoff Run” ended at the hands of the Charleston Shoe Thieves, who swept the Millennials. Regardless, the club and fanbase were over the soon-to-be-missing moon. They had already far exceeded expectations for the season through sheer determination, talent, and - yes - wimdy.

What more could any Millennial want?

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